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Despite recent developments in the energy market such as biofuels and ethanol, petroleum is still by far the biggest player in the energy market. Due to rising oil demand, from countries such as India and China, crude oil industry jobs are on the rise. Now may be a good time for you to look for oil and gas jobs.

There are many different crude oil industry jobs available. These cover the various sectors of the petroleum industry such as entry-level jobs, drilling, management, administration, medical, marketing and the like. The oil industry is normally divided into three general sections: Upstream, midstream and downstream.

Upstream Section: Includes exploration, drilling and extraction of crude oil from reservoirs. Typical jobs in this section are geophysicist, drilling engineer and production engineer.

Midstream Section: Includes transportation of crude oil via tankers and pipelines from the oil fields to the refineries and the refining of crude oil. Typical jobs on pipelines can be oil pipeliner, pipeline walker and pipeline welder. Refinery jobs may include chemical engineer, process engineer and pump system operator.

Downstream Section: Includes the marketing and sales of petroleum products to the public.

You can probably find a job on land or on an oil rig. Offshore oil rigs are structures used to house the various drilling equipment and facilities for the rigworkers. These facilities include sleeping quarters, dining room and offices.

The recruitment process for crude oil industry jobs is normally more hands on than traditional job interviews. Applicants may be given tasks to solve under the supervision of a supervisor. This helps the supervisor to get a better picture of the knowledge, behavior and motivation of each applicant.

If you are new to the petroleum industry, you would do well to increase your knowledge about it. You can find information about the different sections and operations of the petroleum industry by doing research at a library or on the world wide web. This might also enlighten you about all the different crude oil industry jobs in the world.

Crude oil industry jobs are normally physical demanding and may require you to travel to remote parts of the world. There you will need to work for months at a time. However, it can also be an adventurous and rewarding career.

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There are thousands of job vacancies in the oil industry! Do you know where to start? How to get a job on an offshore oil rig

If you qualify, you can apply for and fill one of numerous oil and gas jobs in the USA that are currently available. There are job opportunities for those who are new to the petroleum and natural gas industry as well positions for more experienced rig workers and senior staff. In this article we can explore some of the oil and gas jobs in the USA.

There are literally thousands of people out there who are looking for an oil or gas job in the USA or Canada. Some of the most wanted jobs they are searching for includes rotating apprentice operator, cylinder operations engineer, geologist, mechanical project engineer and rotating equipment engineer. The demand for drillers and various engineers have also increased in recent years.

If you are ready for a really challenging job, you should consider working on an offshore oil rig. An oil rig requires individuals who are hardworking and dedicated to their job at hand. An oil rig rarely rests and runs 24 hours a day. Rig workers usually gets paid more than their counterparts working on land. Available oil rig jobs include the following positions.

  • Catering crew
  • Crane operators
  • Drillers
  • Electricians
  • Mechanics
  • Paramedics and doctors
  • Barge superintendent
  • Roustabouts
  • Sub-sea engineers
  • Welders
  • Project managers
  • Drilling engineers

Are you more interested in working in the transportation and refinement sector? There are many oil and gas jobs in the USA that needs to be filled. Here are a few positions that are in demand.

  • Pipeline technician
  • Facility engineer
  • Production engineer
  • Petrophysicist
  • Measurement technician
  • Gas and power plant engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Construction specialist
  • Piping materials engineer
  • Controls engineer
  • Environmental project engineer

The job vacancies above are only a snapshot of the kinds of positions that petroleum employers are offering. You may join the thousands of people who are already seeking and finding oil and gas jobs in the USA. Reserve yours now.

There are thousands of job vacancies in the oil industry! Do you know where to start? How to get a job on an offshore oil rig.

The first oil pipeline to be built and operated in California was a project of the Coalinga Oil and Transportation Company. Completed in October 1904, the pipeline reached from Coalinga to Monterey, where it would be met by oil barges that would transport the California oil to Hawaii as well as other destinations for use as an energy source. The two mountain range traversing pipeline’s 104 mile stretch is not exorbitant by today’s standards, but at the time was noteworthy for its quick construction and high elevation. Though the pipeline at its highest point pumped oil more than 2,500 feet above sea level, an unprecedented feat at that time, it was built in just ninety days.

The pipeline system built by the Coalinga Oil and Transportation Co. included several oil storage tanks in Monterey to house oil pumped from the oil fields of Coalinga. Regular voyages by oil barges coupled with the use of the pipeline to transport oil from the fields created the foundation for a prosperous oil operation which lasted several years. Many people in the areas where the pipeline made American oil available began using this more cost effective source of energy to replace the coal they had used in the past.

On September 14, 1924, the sensation of the pipeline operation took a drastic turn. An intense storm brought rain, hail, thunder and devastating lightning to the area that would bring a harsh end to the oil operation that had been flourishing in northern California. Lightning struck one of the storage tanks in Monterey, igniting it in ferocious flames and sending ominous black smoke billowing into the sky.

News of the fire incited the arrival of droves of fire trucks in Monterey from all of the surrounding areas. Firefighters attempted to contain the fire to the burning tank as pumps removed thousands of barrels of oil in hopes of preventing another explosion. For hours, the fire remained contained to the tank and was seemingly under control, prompting many spectators in the area to watch the spectacle from afar. But the fire did not remain contained to the original tank for long. Several explosions followed, sending firefighters and locals fleeing for their lives as burning oil spilled across the land and water. The building of oil tanks was subsequently banned in the City of Monterey.

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Utility gas pipeline construction jobs pigs and a wide range of products and services to assist pipeline cleaning, pipeline protection and flow assurance in oil, gas and other process industries.

The extent of pipeline construction pigs available from Pipeline Engineering is comprehensive and includes foam pigs, mandrel pigs, solid polyurethane pigs and within special cleaning pigs. Technical knowledge and technology means we are able to offer a wide range of cleaning pigs may be constructed so that each pig to meet the specific requirements of the pipe as opposed to just the nearest suitable.

Since pipeline construction pigs, Pipeline Engineering also manufactures pig's signal, pipeline closures, pig launchers, pig receivers and a range of pressure vessel standard products. Pipeline construction jobs as Engineering is known for its expertise in polyurethane technology, which means that as well as pipeline pigging products and spare parts for pigs, we also produce other polyurethane based products such as bend restrictors, bend devices track pads and filtration screens

Our client is a successful consultancy in pipeline construction jobs, Subsea technology and human engineering. Founded in 1989, because it has a global reputation for its technical and vocational training. The rising oil prices, demand is greater than the funds in the oil and gas industry. Our client is increasing its growth, and seek to attract the best engineers to join its dynamic team.

Their engineers are working in all phases of their life in the sub-systems from design through operations to decommissioning work on the risers, flexibles and umbilical, Subsea trees, control, interference, and the future, jackets and structural steel and liquid production sites.

Our client wants to take a pipeline construction Engineer to join the team in Tonbridge, Kent or Aberdeen, Scotland.

The winner will have a major UK-based experience and 2.1 degree, the best expert and British engineering institutions. They should be able to capture the date of holding the review and analysis.

You will coordinate and review the calculations and analysis. Writing and checking reports and specifications, development of drawings. Consultancy services: problem solving, risk assessment presentations. Introduction and overview of the course presentation.

Areas of specialization that may be required for this task is scheduled management, project management and analysis software such as MathCad, ABAQUS, Olga, or Orcaflex.

Our client offers an above average salary for salary target system, the cost of relocation, or even the basic 24 days of leave and holidays, plus additional days for 5 + years.

Funded training and personal development within the Investors in People scheme for technical, project management, and career ladders, and sponsorship of professional membership are also available.

Ideally you will have genuine subsea or pipeline construction jobs experience gained within a Consultancy environment.

Pipeline construction jobs sector is an essential part of the North American economy, improving the quality of life and our economic prosperity. As an important part of this industry, Pipeline construction jobs industry is a major donor to the continent's long-term prosperity.

According to the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, the construction of a typical 1000 km Pipeline construction jobs project will create more than 12,000 person-years of employment - directly to the benefit of many communities through design.

"Pipeline construction jobs can be like a mini-boom for the community," said Rich Adams, Enbridge vice-president, engineering, procurement and construction. "Each section is typically 500 to 600 workers, a large economic impact on surrounding communities."

As an example, that our Enbridge expects 1400 km north of the Gateway pipeline, which connects the Strathcona County near Edmonton, Alberta, to the port of Kitimat, BC, bringing with them some 6,000 Pipeline construction jobs of more than 1 billion dollars in economic benefits to Albertans and British Colombian. The Pipeline construction jobs project is expected to become one of the largest oil companies in North America for more than 55 years - and many communities in which they are very satisfied with the prospects it brings. "This is obviously good news for Kitimat, Terrace, and in the region," said Kitimat Mayor Richard Wozney, when Enbridge announced that it will terminate the pipeline in Kitimat. "I think it would be a fantastic addition to our community."

He is not only Western Canada, which - or - the benefit of the Enbridge pipeline construction. Wisconsin, Minnesota, USA and other countries also enjoy greater employment and other economic spin-me, with the construction of the pipeline. Besides construction jobs and indirect jobs created Enbridge's Alberta Clipper pipeline - from Hardisty, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin - It is expected that the additional economic benefit of more than 1.5 billion dollars in purchases and services.

Pipeline construction jobs is a big commitment that people across the continent with many types of skills. "Pipeline construction began in the same way as a rail," said Michele Perret, Manager, Community Relations, Enbridge major projects for the management of municipalities, chambers of commerce and other stakeholders to ensure that they know what to expect and May, the business opportunities for that they exist.

"At first Geodetic preparation for access to rights of way to identify and electric lines. This is why the crew arrive in a clear way to remove the rights of topsoil and clear, and to ensure that the area is properly classified., A second team, leadership on the ground and bend to the topography and planned roads - a process that the thread formation. Then welders and pipe-layers to weld the pieces together. then use a large ditch, a pipe is buried. Finally, restoration and cleaning crew to replace the and return to the topsoil in the area of its former condition. "reconstruction phase, in fact, May continue long after the pipe.

"People who travel to the site need food and shelter," Perret added. "And they need to make significant direct and indirect benefits for the local economy."

In addition, before and after construction, Enbridge is committed to strong and continuous connection to the communities that host our pipelines and facilities. "Enbridge has a comprehensive strategy of involvement of local communities in the vicinity of our Pipeline construction jobs," said Perret. "We see all our neighbors, as major players, and we have other CSR efforts on them. We want to ensure that we will have a positive impact on quality of life in all the communities we touch."

When the Pipeline construction jobs, Enbridge will continue to contribute to the economy through the taxes you pay. In 2007 alone, Enbridge will pay 236 million dollars in taxes and 123 million dollars in real estate taxes at the local, national, regional and national governments in Canada and the United States

Pipeline Construction jobs Services and Construction Services in Dayton rental service are all Texas, but for all platforms and onshore oil and gas site must be in Texas and beyond.

Seamless services to turn-key oil field and pipeline construction, and all of the oil field and pipeline maintenance.

Texas lease service on the basis of Dayton is proud of the important combination of experience, speed, security, reliability and expertise.

Our customers know that the people and DLS has some of the best talent in the oil field construction.

Pipeline Construction Jobs Services

Pipeline Construction Dayton rental service is available in a wide range of needs, including LPG.

The collection, intra-site, local, provincial and state-wide piping solutions are designed, constructed and installed according to your specifications.

Papers and the right of the path of negotiations, land clearing services in respect of their first concern.

Roads, rivers and the Canal boring services including the installation for the protection of the cathode and anode installation.

Pipeline Constructions Maintenance

Pipeline construction jobs , inspection and maintenance of Dayton Lease Service is for all countries in the United States. Besides the professional oil and gas pipeline installation, construction and start-up services, you get a menu full capacity of the pipeline integrity, maintenance and repair work available. Pipeline maintenance, inspection and integrity services.

Prior to pipeline construction jobs, Dominion and other pipeline construction projects, a variety of local, provincial and federal permits and approvals. Licenses for all our natural resources - soil, air, water, vegetation and fauna and the interests of the public. Conditions for the Cove Point Expansion Project comprises:


  • Building permits
  • crossing permits
  • earth (erosion and sedimentation permit)
  • water (hydro-static test water purchase and discharge permit, Storm Water Discharge Permit)
  • stream and river ITEMS (State Environmental Agency)
  • Cultural Resources Preservation (State Historic Preservation Office)
  • to protect threatened and endangered species (State Agency for Fish & Wildlife)
  • emissions in the air (State Environmental Agency)
Federal --
  • and the conservation of wetlands ITEMS (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
  • streams and rivers (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
  • endangered and threatened species (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Agency)
  • emissions in the air (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Environmental Resource Reports
  • Sound (FERC)

Copies of all licenses and permits must be lodged with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) before the start of pipeline construction, if necessary.
To the approval for the construction jobs in pipeline of the Cove Point Expansion project sponsors, a detailed project plan with the FERC. In addition, this plan also maps with the first pipeline route, a description of the proposed pipeline facilities, and 13 specific environmental resource reports. These include issues such as reports, such as water use and quality, vegetation, flora and fauna, cultural resources, socio-economic, geological resources, soils, land, air and noise quality and design alternatives.

In FERC has the authority to approve the location and construction of pipelines. This is achieved through the issuance of a certificate of public convenience and necessity (certificate). Before the Commission approves the pipeline construction jobs, there will be a thorough review to determine whether the project is in the public interest. This evaluation includes an assessment of need, the cost of transporting gas from the pipeline, financing and competition in the market. The Commission also has an ecological assessment of the environmental impact study or evaluation of the project expected impact on society and the environment.

A part of the Commission's evaluation includes public meetings in some communities by the project. Announcements of these public meetings will be held in the local newspapers. The meetings provide a forum for the community to ask questions and any comments or observations about the project.

The time taken for the review is expected to be approximately 16 months after he filed Cove Point expansion project. If a certificate is issued, the Commission will begin pipeline construction when the conditions in the order of the certificate of compliance.

Description of pipeline construction jobs vacancy

Location: Manchester, Lancashire
Salary: Package up to £ 68,000 plus benefit
Company: Ashbrittle
Sector: Oil / Gas / Offshore Drilling
Job role: Other construction roles
Pipeline Construction Jobs Type: Permanent
Date Posted: 24/01/2009

  • Our client is a well-known national suppliers who are involved in a large number of pipeline Construction jobs projects in North West.The requirement for an experienced Construction Manager for the performance of the pipeline construction gas project.Previous experience is essential, such as the ability to run several pages in which is located Teams wide geographic area.
  • Strong manager requires the ability to meet tight production schedules in difficult circumstances, and sometimes working in isolated locations.Although qualification is not essential, the sound experience gained from similar projects must be shown, including the ability to perform the very complex construction project.
  • Benefits are above average and include a contribution to livelihood gone completely at the expense of the car, pension scheme and BUPA medical.
  • Experience In Offshore Pipeline Construction Jobs at least 5 yeares
Please send to

What do you know abot Pipiline Construction Jobs?
The following information about the Pipiline Construction Jobs

You can earn very good pay for working on board offshore oil platform. For domestic workers, the range is between $ 35,000 and $ 60,000 per year. But if you decide to work abroad, the salary level will increase significantly. It takes about nine weeks are trained in basic skills needed for work on board the vehicle. Then it is necessary to work with a friend or colleague to be able to work alone. This is to ensure that you stay safe while learning the ropes.

Pipiline Construction Jobs offers a trip to faraway places such Russia and Chinaa. Many companies will only send you to work on a month's time to ensure that you are able to achieve good time with his family at home. Staff will return on a rotating basis.

Long-term projections that demand for Pipiline Construction Jobs remains constant with the further development of deepwater drilling. There is a wide range of jobs from entry-level platform of engineers. Depending on your work, training time will vary.

Pipiline Construction Jobs will blast your resume to the top 2500 Pipiline Construction Jobs companies, guaranteeing you a job in the next 30 days!

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD) is advancing the Alaskan Workforce for Pipeline Construction Jobs and training opportunities for the accustomed gas activity project. The abbreviate appellation allowances will accommodate 6,500 absolute architecture jobs and in the continued term, actualize over 50,000 aberrant jobs and authorize oil & gas careers for Alaskans. The permitting, engineering, pre-construction and Pipeline Construction Jobs will be phased in over the abutting two to six years.

Work in Sunny California for one of the best acknowledged activity and WWTP contractors on the West Coast! This absolute aggregation needs Activity Managers and Superintendents who appetite a career position, not aloof a project-to-project job.

If you accompany this aggregation you'd become allotment of a aggregation whose adherence allows for abundance in alike the best arduous of business cycles. It is committed to integrity, quality, and above service, demography on boxy jobs its competitors shy abroad from. And, it offers aggressive pay and benefits, including accumulation sharing.

To apprentice more, advanced your resume and activity account to us today. We are Management Recruiters of the Sandias, now adulatory 10 years of admirable adjustment services. We accept been consistently ranked in the top 10% of the MRI Network, and are home to one of MRI's highest-producing recruiters. Our mission is to assignment with the best candidates and companies in the industry with professionalism, candor and confidentiality.

Offshore Activity and Pipeline Construction Jobs - Middle East

London Saudi Arabia

Company: Beechwood Recruitment Limited

Salary: Rate based on experience

Offshore pipeline and electrical engineers middle east contract roles global engineering consultancy Offshore Activity and Electrical Engineers are now appropriate by this all-around engineering consultancy to assignment on a ample activity in the eastern region... alive hours of 8 hour canicule and 5.5 days/week. This is an accomplished befalling for Offshore Activity and Electrical... arrested for bacilli and will be stored for your approaching use. Sectors: Engineering Jobs, Pipeline Construction Jobs & Manufacturing Jobs

Contract: Permanent

  • Provision of expertise and knowledge in key parts of Pipeline construction jobs engineering, including design codes, legal requirements and current best-practice techniques.
  • Identifying and addressing problems and the parameters of the design, development and implementation of innovative solutions
  • Independently evaluate, organize and priorities for the work itself and others, including human resources
  • The company is responsible for the manufacture of finished products, including specifications, engineering, design and performance. To analyze the reports and reviews for Technical Bid 3 different suppliers.
  • The warranty of fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the laws, the provisions of the ISM Code and the compliance with the budget and timetable.
  • Take the lead in planning, detail and review of technical documentation on the tubes into the ground for the design, manufacture and installation.
  • The management of the interfaces with related disciplines, and the interfaces within a project environment.
  • Perform the technical aspects of events such as money Aclaracions, kick-off meetings, design reviews, etc. ...
  • Site Survey of projects in the pipeline.
  • Coordination with clients and contractors
  • Development of close-out reports.
  • Familiarize yourself with the codes and standards lines: API, ASME, ASTM, BS, DNV, ISO, DEP, Shell, etc..
  • Entrance into the process of recruitment for the engineers and designers line

Engineering Portfolio
Description of the body

We are looking for Pipeline construction jobs or offshore pipeline and site engineers working on a major pipeline in the west of London.

There will be a civil engineer with 2 or more years experience in the ideal case in the pipeline construction or offshore structures (pumping stations, tanks, balance, etc.) or structures have experience with water and purification systems.

This is an opportunity to work with one of the biggest Pipeline construction jobs in Europe. Interviews now. This level of the contracting authority is looking for an experienced manager for the construction of the water sector.

The person can take responsibility for a series of contracts, a major project or a region / Responsible Business Resource wages and compliance with the HSQE ensure the implementation of the CSR program is responsible for the training is designed for the efficient use of materials ...

Please familiarize yourself with our system of reference: If an applicant who has (Please applicant € ™ s biography on the form on the Web page), then the profits of the company as a professional in the Construction of 12 weeks, in one place, you will be for a payment of £ 250 each.
Laura / Tristany
+44 (0) 1844 212 058

Earlier reports that BP Alaska closed because of its pipeline construction jobs corrosion proved to be incorrect. The company is marked by growing hostility to such a vital link in the corrosion on the site of Decommissioning, has its own story, that later tests showed that the losses were due to grizzly bear to eat lines.

Although in the beginning of BP with a loss to explain why the bear attack metal object, one of his creative directors of the research found that BP name appeared on several sites along the pipeline construction jobs in the Aurora borealis and left in his mind. Although I know that people in general, BP stands for British Petroleum, a bear, who now claims that are less familiar in the sense that he was wrongly surmised BP picking berries.

As you know, the bears in Alaska are wild wild berries. They roam in search of tundra and eat them, so wear frenziedly cakes, the Association for BP, the company refuses, and the berries are in season, so chock full of berries a good scrap, which looks a little blue pomegranates third group of companies absolutely refuse initials OJ.

Pipeline construction jobs not only carry the crude oil we need for refining, but much of the refined product as well, such as natural gas. There are over 200,000 miles of pipelines crisscrossing our nation pumping billions of gallons of oil and natural gas to collection points such as refineries, power stations, reserve tanks, and distributions stations, as you read this. To put that into perspective, the United States Interstate Highway System stretches for just 46,726 miles. Therefore, our petroleum pipeline network is over four times longer than our interstate highway system! It is by far the largest network of its kind in the world. Continental Europe does not even come close.

As a spokesman for the British company, said, "We have carefully analyzed the different meanings wrong logo of our company, who can jump on the exercise and that with absolute certainty found that it could only be confused with OJ berry picking. Shall reject any suggestion that this could be a bear cake and certainly not on a blue pomegranate. "

To add to his statement of confidence, with a grizzly bear, and ends with: "I will prove it." He turned into a bear, which is in the last legs has risen about ten feet, looked up and said: "What do you think about when I am this logo?" He was the creation of BP logo and continue to question the bear. "Do you think Berry picking?"

Surprisingly, the bear shook his head yes.

"Well," replied the detective, a surreptitiously slipped to honey-sweet flavor. Then go to "What do you think? Bear cake?"

This grizzly shook his head no.

"Fantastic!" BP responded to the interviews and views to reporters to confirm the answer. Finally, cynicism, said the bear "when it means to think of pomegranates blue?"

Keep carefully consider the question of power and reduction of BP exec, long shook his head in the negative.

"And this is confirmed," said the spokesman, the journalists again. "I believe that the Bruins BP is worth picking berries, and so can say, beyond reasonable doubt" that a bear in the pipeline. "

One of the journalists in response, and then asked to borrow BP sign. The spokesman, unsure what to do in the first, tying their hands.

When the reporter went to the bear and held high a sign saying, "If you look at the label, you still believe that BP is also a big problem?"

Bear immediately shook her head yes, BP exec decided more enthusiasm than can be justified and even more disturbing, with more enthusiasm, that nodded in a positive sense, picking berries.

"What do you say that about pipeline construction jobs?" The reporter claimed.

"I got it back to you," said BP spokesman, to sign only traces dissatisfied.

He was a bear in a row and led her away, grumbling, "How can you tell I do not enter your candy honey in the morning, so when you shake their heads when I said that you sign up picking berries?"

Bear, I do not know the difference between a correction and demand, but shook his head to the new entry in the berry picking or pipeline construction jobs

Seriously, you want to work an offshore drilling job. They know which companies are involved in offshore oil drilling? Besides the super-size players such as Esso, BP, Shell, etc. Did you know that the big guys do not always have their own drilling? Medyo often today, they were forced to work for some smaller suppliers.

Have you ever heard of these companies: Diamond Offshore (Houston, USA), Dolphin Drilling (Tananger, Norway) and offshore Frigstad (Singapore)? What about drilling Offrig ASA, Scorpion Offshore, a song-and offshore drilling Thule Asa? These are just some of the modern oil and pipeline construction industry. In their own way, you can wildcatters modern.

During the recent fall of oil prices, the giants like BP and Shell are investing more in its employees and you want to work an offshore drilling job technology. But some smaller companies correctly predicted that the prices are rising. They invested in R & D to develop new mining methods and technology. The construction of new oil platforms for deep ocean drilling. These are the guys that Shell and BP are the sub-contract for the you want to work an offshore drilling job.

If you want to work in the offshore drilling job, you have two options. Most people think that the way is to go to the board in the team drill. If you have previous experience, can pumpman or derrickman. If not, you as an employee or Roughneck. Drills are almost 2, in-command and an assistant manager at the oil rig. Technically, Roughneck / worker is an employee. On the other hand, many workers earn $ 90,000 a year for only months per year? Unlike an ordinary worker, not the chance to make their way to the Manager, a Roughneck on the right thoughts have ample opportunity to a manager at the oil rig. Of course, first he was his way derrickman and drills.

This is not the only way to offshore drilling job. If you have any trade, as a cook or a physician, is an excellent choice, regardless of your experience in the offshore oil rig. You get the same generous living conditions of the team well, and better paid than comparable jobs on the mainland.

Just because it is an offshore oil rig, does not mean that the employees are no Office. No matter where, you can not leave papers. You can still leave the paper pushers. In addition to the oil rig is the closure. They work in the office and to manipulate the platform floor.

You also have the mechanical and electrical department, division. Mechanical Department Hires Engine, mechanics and maintenance supervisors, responsible for all operations of the machine. Electrical Department also jobs such as electrical engineering, electronics and engineering, maintenance and repair of inspectors responsible for all electrical appliances.

Offshore drilling job along the coast is a very lucrative career. As you see, you do not have the experience, hired by offshore oil drilling rig. And now that I know that other than Shell, the attitudes of people, you have many possibilities for action. You can drill under occupation or as a seller.

You also have the mechanical and electrical department, department. Mechanical department hires motormen, mechanics and maintenance supervisors who are responsible for all mechanical operations. Electrical department includes jobs such as Electrical, Electronics and engineering, maintenance and repair of inspectors who are responsible for all electrical equipment.

Offshore drilling job is a very profitable career. As you see, you do not have the experience to be hired offshore oil drilling rig. And now when I know that unless Shell hire people, you have many ways to get to action.

Management for any return on the project often starts years before pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction.

The first step in the planning process include determining the needs of the market, the design of pipes, tubes and parts of the details, the choice of routes is the environmental assessment, public consultation, land acquisition and permits.

Design and construction of a pipeline for the most part takes place in three phases. During the run up to the building, engineers working for a highly skilled design a system that meets the needs of producers and transporters moving their products to market.

At the same time, pipeline construction jobs, which specialize in the planning work to reduce the impact on construction projects on the environment, with consultation with communities and landowners along the route of the project.

Each pipeline design that should satisfy even the federal government, for obtaining the necessary permits and respond to local concerns.

Land or rights of way agents, contracted by the operators and the gas pipeline, and work with potential landowners to ensure that the rights of slavery pipeline along the route chosen.

Typically, the pipeline construction jobs appears in the least amount of time. But the construction of the space may begin only after the route selection, negotiations slavery, environmental permits, and other actions before construction is done.

Before the pipes can be buried, the pipeline right of way should clean and ready for construction. When it is ready, the tube is carefully placed in a pre-dug trench or bore under the roads or waterways. If you are involved trenches, in the trench, then fills begin the restoration of the building.

In later stages of each project addresses several issues, including the restoration of the land surface affected by trenches. After the work begins to renew the surface of the Earth.

Before the pipe is in service, the piping and fittings are tested again on the ground with water pressure, welding x-rays and other evidence of control.

Each phase of the process was overseen by qualified inspectors to ensure compliance with the plan of engineering codes, conditions permit, which is the owner and easement agreements, and regulations.

While this scene gives us an overview of the pipeline construction jobs, many important steps on the road. For a better understanding of this process, we invite you to examine more carefully the process and many people do all this

Despite the recent developments in the energy markets, such as bio fuels and ethanol, gas remains by far the biggest player in the energy market. Because of the increasing demand for pipeline construction jobs from countries like India and China, industry crude oil has increased the work. Now would be a good time because the search for pipeline construction jobs.

There are a lot of pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction and employment is available. These relate to the different sectors of the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction as entry-level jobs, drilling, administration, counseling, medical, marketing and the like. The oil industry is divided into three sections: the upstream half way.

Top Section: It includes the exploration, drilling and extraction of crude oil deposits. Pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction in common in this section is geophysicists, drilling engineering and production engineering.

Halfway Section: Includes transportation of pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction by tankers and pipelines from oil fields and refineries in the refining of crude oil. Common pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction in May piping line pipe, tubing and pipe welder walker. Refinery work chemical engineer, process engineer and the operator of the bomb.

Division below includes the marketing and sale of petroleum products to the public.

You probably can find a pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction on the ground or an oil tower. Drilling Islands structures used to house the various drilling equipment and facilities for rigworkers. Facilities include dormitories, dining room and offices.

The recruitment of the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction employment is usually more convenient than traditional interviews. Applicants will be able to take into account the settlement of the activities under the supervision of a manager. This helps managers to get a better idea of the knowledge, behavior and motivation of each of the candidates.

If you are new to the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction, which are good for more information about them. You can find information about the different departments and the exploitation of the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction by creating a library of research, or the World Wide Web. It can relieve you of all the jobs the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction in the world.

Crude pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction work is often physically demanding and force him to travel to remote places in the world. May have to work for months at a time. But it could be a rewarding career i.

Internet has changed the way we look for a pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction , and the job search engines is a snap to find the orbit around the Earth. Here is the TOP 8 search engines work.

1 - Monster

Monster has a time and has an excellent search employer, location, keyword example like pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction, or you can simply select. There are also finding employment records, and chat boards where your network. Paste resume online.

2 - CareerBuilder

Career Builder your CV, job search through their useful tools and Jobalert to new jobs for you directly to the summit. You can also use the jobs and working to get counseling.

3 - Indeed

This is a great search engine for maintenance and pipeline construction jobs work, but it will not limit your CV. The ability to search for work is an excellent index and search for work than in other places, and it is easy to use.

4 - FedWorld

If you are looking for pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction work after the government, it's the place for you. You will find a detailed list of all federal jobs and the best federal users.

5 - Yahoo Hot Jobs

The task of the search engine to your Yahoo ID is very useful. Search by location and see all the jobs, especially for pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction . Subscribe RSS feeds and see the new vacancies at the moment hit the spot.

6 - Dice

This web technology jobs and security clearances, so you can look too.

7 - America's Job Bank

This is one of the largest job search engine for pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction on the Internet with more than two million jobs posted. In fact, every day more than twenty thousand jobs get posted, so you can instantly see how your chances of finding what you want to improve.

8 - Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular site where you can see almost everything, even if this is not an independent job search is the overwhelming popularity and is a great way to find work in the local community.

Job search for pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction is an important tool to help you find the perfect job in construction career, if your local community, another state or another country. And so many different job search engines to choose from you can find one that suits you. These eight are just the beginning. So why not busy looking for a job in pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction?

Amana the Pipeline Construction Jobs Ltd. was founded in its reaction to the construction of large cooling, air and oil and gas in the United Arab Emirates.

Love the design of the pipeline is under the leadership of the group of companies Aman - the key leaders of the UAE in the building market since 1993.

Amana mechanical pipe with a targeted capacity to perform civilian service in the District of Aviation and refrigeration sectors of oil and gas. In this spirit, Aman was the Pipeline Construction Jobs

Are you looking for jobs in Pipeline Construction Jobs? Do you have previous experience in the industry is of vital importance to the industrialized world these days? Although you have little experience of working in the production of oil, you can still see his feet on the door and start rewarding and challenging career in industrial oil and gas. On the major oil companies now hiring.

Pipeline Construction Jobs
, it is for millions of years from decayed plant and animal material. Materials that are subject to intense pressure and heat, while trapped between layers of silt and mud on the ground. Final results are oil and natural gas deposits are located, and the winner is now refuel our modern lifestyle and vehicles.

The Pipeline Construction Jobs is loosely divided into 3 different sectors, each with its own part to play.

1. In the upstream sector - exploration and extraction of oil processes fall under this category. Common positions can Geophysicists, instrument engineers, process engineers, technicians, Electricians, drillers, roughnecks and roustabouts.

2. The 'midstream' sectors - Includes transportation of oil through pipelines or tankers to refineries, where it was purified. Common job can be a plumber, pipe welder, kimikal engineering, construction manager and assistant laboratory kimikal

3. The "downstream" sector - sales of petroleum products refined at the customers and sales management of the domain of this department. General Affairs May include business analysts, financial analyst, Sales Manager, etc.

Pipeline Construction Jobs are generally high, but competitive salaries earned by people working in this field. Work to equip workers ship oil platforms typically earn higher salaries than their counterparts in the country.

May this be due to the increased risks, both physical and mental challenges, and spending hours in the car Sunday. Oil drilling platforms 24 hours a day, so that the crew is to keep it running smoothly around the clock.

Pipeline Construction Jobs on the increase because of rising world demand for oil and slowly decreases the production of oil and gas industry. Less new oil fields and oil fields were discovered to be difficult and expensive to manufacture. In the coming year, industrial oil and gas spend big money on oil research, production and refinement. Various Pipeline Construction Jobs, announced today.

There will be three distinct phases of economic impact from Pipeline Construction Jobs that will bring Alaska’s natural gas to market, the preconstruction phase, the construction phase
and the operating phase.

The Pipeline Construction Jobs involves spending a tremendous amount of money over a roughly five-year period, perhaps in excess of $25 billion. Not all of that money will be spent in Alaska but estimates are that at least $7 billion would be spent on the Alaska portion of the proposed project.

The operating phase

Would generate a much more limited impact in terms of spending but would enable the marketing of natural gas that would generate revenue to the resource owners.

The state could potentially generate in excess of $2 billion per year in revenue to both the general and Permanent Fund assuming a conservative long run average gas price in the $4.50 per mmbtu range.

The Pipeline Construction Jobs companies would enjoy at least as much revenue, some of which would be reinvested in exploring for and developing oil and gas reserves in the state. Construction Phase According to a study prepared for the Municipal Advisory Group (MAG) established under the Alaska Stranded Gas Development Act (SGDA), Information Insights has estimated that project construction will result in 3,695 new pipeline construction jobs, 475 other new construction jobs and 255 new jobs in the truck and rail industry.

The Pipeline Construction Jobs spending will result directly in an additional 649 jobs in the state’s 15 most impacted support industries and a further induced effect on the 15 most impacted sectors of an additional 1,250 jobs.

This results in a grand total of an additional 6,324 jobs in the 15 most important sectors in the economy for every year of construction. Looking at all sectors in the economy, the gas pipeline will generate a total of 7,059 jobs either directly or indirectly and an induced impact of 2,248 jobs, for a total of 9,307 jobs annually in the economy as a result of project construction.

There will be an increase in demand for basic public services and, as a result, there will be
direct municipal impact assistance from the gas pipeline project sponsors. The additional spending will generate more local sales taxes that should also help cover increased public
spending requirements. Some believe there should be less stress on the public sector than during the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) construction because the economy is more
mature and considerably larger.

This is probably correct, but the effects on the smaller communities along the pipeline route will still be large. Long-Term Operations Once the pipeline goes into operation, the North Slope gas fields will begin to spin off significant revenue. An expandable pipeline will finally enable the marketing of gas reserves on the North Slope.

As a result, we expect a new exploration boom finding and proving up some of the 200 tcf of technically producible gas reserves that are thought to exist on the North Slope. This was our experience with the oil pipeline; this is what we expect with the gas pipeline. Some of this new exploration and production boom will be the result of reinvestment of gas revenue, and some will be the result of new players.

The search for both gas and oil will accelerate once a gas pipeline is in place since there will be pipelines available to carry both to market. This will strengthen the Alaska petroleum economy well into the future, providing economic benefits far beyond just those we expect from the
Pipeline Construction Jobs and the marketing of the 35 tcf of currently proven gas reserves.

The state treasury will net something in excess of $2 billion per year from the gas Pipeline Construction Jobs project if delivered natural gas prices average $4.50 per mmbtu. Should prices come in averaging $7.00 per mmbtu, annual revenues would average $3.5 billion.

This will help keep state taxes low and state services at the level Alaskans have come to expect in terms of quality of infrastructure, education and safety. The ability to access the gas for in-state use should help assure a dependable source of energy to residents and commercial and industrial users remain low in Alaska.

Low taxes, sound infrastructure, competitively priced energy and a vibrant oil patch will provide a healthy climate for sound economic growth and long-term prosperity for the citizens of Alaskans.

These works were benchmarks of a distinguished pipeline construction jobs .

  • In emergency cases, mobilized six discrepancy include repair and testing hydrostatic East Texas in seven states.
  • Installed 53 miles of 36 "in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, as part of East Texas CRP project, which replaces the small blank lines.
  • Built-in 11 kilometers of 48 "in Alabama for the trans-continental pipeline construction jobs.
  • Built-in 22 miles in 36 "and covered the production and assembly of Recondtioning 31 miles of existing pipelines Great Lakes in Minnesota.

  • Installed 100 miles of 20 "of the Tuscarora Gas transmission lines in Oregon and California.
  • Installed 106 miles of 24 "pipe crude oil Express Portfolio Management Partnership Wyoming.
  • Lost 15 miles of 24 "and replaced by 15 miles of 36" to Pennsylvania to eastern Texas.
  • Rehabilitation and 24 miles from the test 36, 110 miles away from 24 "up and 9 miles of 36" natural gas pipeline Company in Kansas.
  • Built in large parts of the major expansion projects to deliver gas from Canada to the United States:
-208 miles of 36 "in Nevada and Utah in the Kern River project planning.
-228 miles in 36 "and 42" in California for pgt / PG & E Expansion Project of the pipeline.
-54 miles, 30 "and 36" in Illinois for the Northern Border pipeline construction
-120 miles of 36 "in Iowa for the Alliance project planning.
-64 miles, 24 "in the U.S. state of Maine to the Maritimes and Northeast pipeline construction jobs

Pipeline construction jobs survey-When considering a career in sales, we believe that the sale of products such as electronic goods or even boring telemarketers who are always happy that the "great, just for today, just for you" offer.

But if we look at in a broader sense, the sale is a vital role in all sectors and at all areas of life, there are always the sales in question, and that is, how to build business.

However, come to think of the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction industry, the people have an image engineer by their plans, religious or traders to ensure that the bathroom floor slopes in the right direction.

But one of the main components for the construction, which more often than not forgotten, is a sale. Someone could build ostentatious office complex, a central shopping street, or Penta House. But all these structures are useless if people who are interested to buy.

Moreover, these structures are expensive to build and sell all the space and facilities are designed to start a business.

Even infrastructure projects such as bridges, drainage and therefore it is necessary to improve the access of thinking in terms of better living, better connectivity and standards of hygiene.

It would not make sense for a network of pipelines for water, without the link from a reliable source of water. So no matter what we are building will have to sell people individuals, businesses and governments around the world. This is the place where people come from the sale of the building.

Real estate, whether developed or undeveloped, has a great value. Contractors and real estate agents to sell these properties.

A vendor in this sector has developed to sell and undeveloped property, and the old and new goods. One of the main characteristics of this sector is that there are many activities, with a high margin of time to climb, and the first general strike, or sometimes even lead to a recession.

A sales office in the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction must be familiar with the requirements and needs of customers, the reason for this is that the industrial buildings, houses, shops and the like are things that people do not buy every day.

A person has a number of ideas, probably more, to buy some property.

A sales agent must be confident that he can understand the feeling of empathy with customers, and offer something close to that dream to customers wherever possible.

The second is that most concerns the performance of the loans in the form of a mortgage or any other form of credit. The sales agent must ensure that a customer has access to sufficient resources and assistance if the client is unable to achieve the required amount.

That is why, in addition to the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction of a representative in this sector must also have adequate knowledge of the banking sector and the mortgage.

This is one of the many jobs in sales in the world where the representative of the need not only to sell products, but also because they have money, the buyer can buy this product.

Working in the pipeline construction jobs industry in department offshore pipeline construction can be very profitable. May be this difficult.

Let us hand and you'll earn big money at any time. Pipeline construction jobs work in Florida are available for work and May be easier than you think. Your quality of work is just around the corner.

Whether building new or old, works as an effort in Florida. To be safe and have a good continuation of the construction are available when applying for a job.

This ensures that you will get the position quickly reveals your future employer that are focused and ready for you all.

Once you try, you can think about building the runway. People who decide to follow a career in the field of pipeline construction jobs can be very successful. With plenty of construction jobs in Florida, you can have a great career for you, especially in offshore pipeline construction . Your life's dream on the beach in Florida May be in practice, at any time.

Thanks to its experience with CV and his time in the house which you are interested in starting their own business to build. Pipeline construction jobs companies in Florida can be very profitable. People who have experience in this area May be very good for the companies themselves, their own country. Before you know it, it will be more jobs in the construction of Florida for other hard workers like you!

Pipeline Construction Jobs can be found everywhere in the world. These are some of the most famous and best-paid jobs abroad. Many people work on the astonishing salaries Oilfield.

Pipeline Construction Jobs are also in high demand in category offshore pipeline construction. Every day there is a need riggers and oil workers is growing exponentially worldwide. Depending on where you are in the world, will determine your salary.

Depending on the type of position in the oil industry, also know what they paid for.

Typical pipeline constructionwill run in the name of the hand. What you start taking care of the garden, and probably shoveling gravel, and helps other riggers is part of the platform, and to get familiar with the tools they need to be aware of the implementation of their work.

This is the first phase of learning, but some people in the initiation of the oil can start to work in any position, depending on how high and demand for the crew.

Sometimes you can Derrick hands, or better still in the pipeline work. It all depends on where you look at your work, you want to, but then again, how great is the demand for oil operations.

Some jobs in the pipeline around the world are willing to pay more than hundreds of dollars per hour and more. If you go abroad, or in the Gulf of Mexico, more than anyone in the world when it comes to the oil business.Here you can get what you want all about Pipeline Construction Jobs and offshore pipeline construction information

Here are my 11 suggestions for getting a Pipeline Construction Jobs:

1. Spend several hours researching Pipeline Construction forums searching on terms like "pipeline jobs", "pipeline welding", and "Pipeline Construction Jobs certification test." You need to get a feel for the pipeline welding industry.

2. If you still want to go for it, decide whether you want to joint a union or go the non-union route. (this is a subject for a whole article all by itself)

3. If you want to be a union pipeline welder, contact the pipeliners local 798 in Tulsa,OK and let them guide you or change your mind.

4. If you decide to go the non-union route, search job websites like monster and career builder for terms such as "pipeline welder" or "pipeline welding."

5. Learn the welding test requirements by hook or by crook. Call the test supervisor and learn the welding test criteria. Every contractor is likely to administer different welding tests. For example, some require the pipeline welder to cut,bevel, and weld a typical connection. It has been my experience that some weld test supervisors are just looking for a way to fail you. Other weld test supers will actually give tips and advice. Every job is different and there is no one single welding test that is the standard. That is just the way it is.

6. Find a way to practice the test on mock ups that exactly represent what will be required. Practice enough to have confidence that you will be able to pass the welding test.

7. Arrange a pipeline welding test date and show up early.

8. Do not, I repeat ...Do not be cocky or arrogant. The test shop supervisor has you by the short hairs. This is the time to give him the respect he deserves as test shop supervisor and to say yes sir and no sir.

9. Ask questions. For example, Can I use a grinder? Will you fail me for grinding too much? Do you need to inspect the fitup? root pass? hot pass? Learning what will fly and what will not is crucial to passing the welding test.

10. Take your time unless there is a time limit. Relax and try not to be nervous. Keep all arc strikes and grinder marks within the bevel. Weld the joint or joints and chip brush and grind anything that needs it. (if allowed)

11. Pray. You might want to do this one first for Pipeline Construction Jobs.

Solid State of gas pipelines construction job, where he completed his apprenticeship tush.

Since the early 1980s, we provide induction heating and automated coating on the main line of works, and today this sector is an important part in the tush business strategy.

Using the measure, but very developed systems for coating machine tutorial offers coating, which can quickly and efficiently, but also clean, safe and commercially attractive.

All measurement equipment is designed for high speed, and repeat the use of common materials in the area. At the same time, automated equipment is designed to reduce consumption of materials, waste and thereby harm the environment.

The program also automatically guaranteed to protect the health and safety of employees lining when everybody involved in pipeline construction job work, as well as a decrease in fatigue, which can often lead to mistakes and even accidents

In the United States of America we have many Pipeline Construction Jobs companies, which deliver all kinds of products through their pipes, which helped our civilization run better. The flow of sales through our pipes are large and include everything from water, gas, oil and other essential products, even not to think o.

Unfortunately, the only time that we ever get a line, where the pipe broke and the media says on the front page news. That is when the pipe company crisis goes on and damage control mode.

Unfortunately, Pipeline Construction Jobs companies worked very hard in public relations in promoting a spill or break more time to better the local media. Since you can not always blame the tube companies to what happens.

For example, the derailment, and trains can be a part of the pipe hurricane storm surge will get a piece of pipe, an international terrorist, you will find a line or an earthquake will break up the pipes in certain areas. This is why public relations management is so important, as a society and our citizens understand the importance of our country by the leadership of the infrastructure. Consider the question of public relations in 2008.

Pipeline construction jobs companies connect and bury pipe of various types and sizes. The pipelines are used to collect and protect all modes of transport of petroleum products.
Construction Manager

  • The pipeline construction jobs company representative on the ground
  • Responsible for overseeing all aspects of construction project
  • Responsible for all managers, employees and contract staff
  • Ensure that the work was completed in a timely and cost-effective
  • Reports of the head and the oil company
  • Pay depends on experience and qualifications
  • Responsible for the recruitment and training of staff
  • Responsible for programming the crew
  • Coordination with the foreman and deputy team leaders to avoid scheduling conflicts and maintain effective delivery crew
  • Obey all employees to the project, including all machines
  • Make sure all employees are well trained in emergency procedures
  • Ensure that all staff personal protective equipment
  • The reports of the construction manager
  • Pay depending on experience
Assistant Foreman

  • Help the foreman if necessary
  • Pay depending on experience
Share Lead
  • Responsible for scheduling activities and the crew of a
  • Ensure that the crew work is safe and effective
  • Coordination with the foreman or assistant foreman
  • Welding segments of pipe together
Pipe fitter
  • Working with engineers to put the segments of the tube
  • Guides in the pipeline
  • Add separations between sections of the tube
  • Check pipes to ensure proper alignment
  • Cola can be applied to non-metallic tubes
Pipeline construction jobs entry-level job
  • Keep in pipeline construction jobs and facilities online
  • Sites supports the oil and gas pipeline along the route before construction
  • Collect the pipe and supports all the rubbish along the pipeline after construction
  • Remove and replace barriers such as fences and water lines
  • It can not operate heavy machinery, such as Zanjadoras, shovels and Hoes
  • Use a chainsaw, ax or other tool removal of trees and shrubs in the pipeline right of way
  • Use hand tools to dig drainage ditches if necessary
  • Clean and paint the exposed metal, to the extent necessary to prevent corrosion
  • Working very physical
  • Transport parts and supplies to operate from a place of storage or city in the near

Pipeline Construction Jobs Oil and gas have long played an important role throughout world history and now are clearly among the world's most important resources. The Oil and Gas Industry has come along way from the original discovery of underground oil deposits in salt wells by the Chinese in around 500BC and the establishment of the first commercial oil refinery in Romania in the mid 19th Century.

Today we see a global multi-billion dollar industry impacting to a greater or lesser degree on almost every facet of 21st Century life. As is continually highlighted in the business and mainstream media, the industry plays a critical role in driving the global economy. Petroleum is used as a source for numerous products, in addition to serving as the world's primary fuel source whilst natural gas is the fastest growing energy source with consumption projected to rise by almost 70 percent by 2025.

The processes and systems involved in producing and distributing oil and gas are highly complex, capital-intensive and require state-of-the-art technology. These systems also require an extensive breadth of expertise applied in an incredible range of jobs across the planet to ensure its continued success.Pipeline Construction Jobs Oil and Gas jobs search offer a huge range of fascinating roles including positions in exploration, drilling and extraction, transportation and storage, mechanical, electrical and project engineering. As the industry is so wide-ranging, the list of different positions available is almost endless; however, some job titles include:

• Engineering geologist
• Environmental manager
• Geoscientist
• Mudlogger
• Petroleum engineer
• Wellsite geologist
• Cartographer
• Drilling engineer
• Health and safety adviser
• Information scientist
• Market researcher (qualitative/quantitative)
• Statistician
• Systems/business analyst
• Trader (equities, FX, futures, bonds)
• Training and development officer/manager.
Pipeline Construction Jobs

Jobs vacancy

MESA Products, Inc. provides engineering, installation and materials for cathodic protection systems. For over two decades, we have been supplying cathodic protection services for a wide variety of applications in the oil and gas industry.

We are currently seeking an experienced Pipeline Integrity Engineer for our Tulsa office. Responsibilities for this position include the following:

  • Design, construction, operation, and sustainability (integrity) of pipeline systems, including pipelines, manifolds, and pumping and compressor stations
  • Analyze, test, validate, and plan inspections and repairs to ensure the safety and reliability of the pipeline system
  • Calculate MOP/MAOP and set points for pumps and compressors
  • Determine required hydrostatic test pressures
  • Evaluate defects and recommend appropriate repairs

    Senior Project Managers

    Vanir Construction Management, Inc. is currently undergoing tremendous growth and has exciting opportunities for experienced professionals with a background in Program / Project Management. Necessary for our growth is the need for dynamic individuals who are passionate about developing, implementing and administering Program/Project Management services for large projects/programs and corporate-level initiatives.

    The Senior Project Manager will be working collaboratively with clients, architects, engineers, and contractors from the design phases through construction to provide program / project management services on large public and infrastructure projects/programs for our Northern and Southern California Regions.

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