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Earlier reports that BP Alaska closed because of its pipeline construction jobs corrosion proved to be incorrect. The company is marked by growing hostility to such a vital link in the corrosion on the site of Decommissioning, has its own story, that later tests showed that the losses were due to grizzly bear to eat lines.

Although in the beginning of BP with a loss to explain why the bear attack metal object, one of his creative directors of the research found that BP name appeared on several sites along the pipeline construction jobs in the Aurora borealis and left in his mind. Although I know that people in general, BP stands for British Petroleum, a bear, who now claims that are less familiar in the sense that he was wrongly surmised BP picking berries.

As you know, the bears in Alaska are wild wild berries. They roam in search of tundra and eat them, so wear frenziedly cakes, the Association for BP, the company refuses, and the berries are in season, so chock full of berries a good scrap, which looks a little blue pomegranates third group of companies absolutely refuse initials OJ.

Pipeline construction jobs not only carry the crude oil we need for refining, but much of the refined product as well, such as natural gas. There are over 200,000 miles of pipelines crisscrossing our nation pumping billions of gallons of oil and natural gas to collection points such as refineries, power stations, reserve tanks, and distributions stations, as you read this. To put that into perspective, the United States Interstate Highway System stretches for just 46,726 miles. Therefore, our petroleum pipeline network is over four times longer than our interstate highway system! It is by far the largest network of its kind in the world. Continental Europe does not even come close.

As a spokesman for the British company, said, "We have carefully analyzed the different meanings wrong logo of our company, who can jump on the exercise and that with absolute certainty found that it could only be confused with OJ berry picking. Shall reject any suggestion that this could be a bear cake and certainly not on a blue pomegranate. "

To add to his statement of confidence, with a grizzly bear, and ends with: "I will prove it." He turned into a bear, which is in the last legs has risen about ten feet, looked up and said: "What do you think about when I am this logo?" He was the creation of BP logo and continue to question the bear. "Do you think Berry picking?"

Surprisingly, the bear shook his head yes.

"Well," replied the detective, a surreptitiously slipped to honey-sweet flavor. Then go to "What do you think? Bear cake?"

This grizzly shook his head no.

"Fantastic!" BP responded to the interviews and views to reporters to confirm the answer. Finally, cynicism, said the bear "when it means to think of pomegranates blue?"

Keep carefully consider the question of power and reduction of BP exec, long shook his head in the negative.

"And this is confirmed," said the spokesman, the journalists again. "I believe that the Bruins BP is worth picking berries, and so can say, beyond reasonable doubt" that a bear in the pipeline. "

One of the journalists in response, and then asked to borrow BP sign. The spokesman, unsure what to do in the first, tying their hands.

When the reporter went to the bear and held high a sign saying, "If you look at the label, you still believe that BP is also a big problem?"

Bear immediately shook her head yes, BP exec decided more enthusiasm than can be justified and even more disturbing, with more enthusiasm, that nodded in a positive sense, picking berries.

"What do you say that about pipeline construction jobs?" The reporter claimed.

"I got it back to you," said BP spokesman, to sign only traces dissatisfied.

He was a bear in a row and led her away, grumbling, "How can you tell I do not enter your candy honey in the morning, so when you shake their heads when I said that you sign up picking berries?"

Bear, I do not know the difference between a correction and demand, but shook his head to the new entry in the berry picking or pipeline construction jobs


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