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Pipeline construction jobs survey-When considering a career in sales, we believe that the sale of products such as electronic goods or even boring telemarketers who are always happy that the "great, just for today, just for you" offer.

But if we look at in a broader sense, the sale is a vital role in all sectors and at all areas of life, there are always the sales in question, and that is, how to build business.

However, come to think of the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction industry, the people have an image engineer by their plans, religious or traders to ensure that the bathroom floor slopes in the right direction.

But one of the main components for the construction, which more often than not forgotten, is a sale. Someone could build ostentatious office complex, a central shopping street, or Penta House. But all these structures are useless if people who are interested to buy.

Moreover, these structures are expensive to build and sell all the space and facilities are designed to start a business.

Even infrastructure projects such as bridges, drainage and therefore it is necessary to improve the access of thinking in terms of better living, better connectivity and standards of hygiene.

It would not make sense for a network of pipelines for water, without the link from a reliable source of water. So no matter what we are building will have to sell people individuals, businesses and governments around the world. This is the place where people come from the sale of the building.

Real estate, whether developed or undeveloped, has a great value. Contractors and real estate agents to sell these properties.

A vendor in this sector has developed to sell and undeveloped property, and the old and new goods. One of the main characteristics of this sector is that there are many activities, with a high margin of time to climb, and the first general strike, or sometimes even lead to a recession.

A sales office in the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction must be familiar with the requirements and needs of customers, the reason for this is that the industrial buildings, houses, shops and the like are things that people do not buy every day.

A person has a number of ideas, probably more, to buy some property.

A sales agent must be confident that he can understand the feeling of empathy with customers, and offer something close to that dream to customers wherever possible.

The second is that most concerns the performance of the loans in the form of a mortgage or any other form of credit. The sales agent must ensure that a customer has access to sufficient resources and assistance if the client is unable to achieve the required amount.

That is why, in addition to the pipeline construction jobs and offshore pipeline construction of a representative in this sector must also have adequate knowledge of the banking sector and the mortgage.

This is one of the many jobs in sales in the world where the representative of the need not only to sell products, but also because they have money, the buyer can buy this product.


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MESA Products, Inc. provides engineering, installation and materials for cathodic protection systems. For over two decades, we have been supplying cathodic protection services for a wide variety of applications in the oil and gas industry.

We are currently seeking an experienced Pipeline Integrity Engineer for our Tulsa office. Responsibilities for this position include the following:

  • Design, construction, operation, and sustainability (integrity) of pipeline systems, including pipelines, manifolds, and pumping and compressor stations
  • Analyze, test, validate, and plan inspections and repairs to ensure the safety and reliability of the pipeline system
  • Calculate MOP/MAOP and set points for pumps and compressors
  • Determine required hydrostatic test pressures
  • Evaluate defects and recommend appropriate repairs

    Senior Project Managers

    Vanir Construction Management, Inc. is currently undergoing tremendous growth and has exciting opportunities for experienced professionals with a background in Program / Project Management. Necessary for our growth is the need for dynamic individuals who are passionate about developing, implementing and administering Program/Project Management services for large projects/programs and corporate-level initiatives.

    The Senior Project Manager will be working collaboratively with clients, architects, engineers, and contractors from the design phases through construction to provide program / project management services on large public and infrastructure projects/programs for our Northern and Southern California Regions.

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