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Pipeline construction jobs sector is an essential part of the North American economy, improving the quality of life and our economic prosperity. As an important part of this industry, Pipeline construction jobs industry is a major donor to the continent's long-term prosperity.

According to the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, the construction of a typical 1000 km Pipeline construction jobs project will create more than 12,000 person-years of employment - directly to the benefit of many communities through design.

"Pipeline construction jobs can be like a mini-boom for the community," said Rich Adams, Enbridge vice-president, engineering, procurement and construction. "Each section is typically 500 to 600 workers, a large economic impact on surrounding communities."

As an example, that our Enbridge expects 1400 km north of the Gateway pipeline, which connects the Strathcona County near Edmonton, Alberta, to the port of Kitimat, BC, bringing with them some 6,000 Pipeline construction jobs of more than 1 billion dollars in economic benefits to Albertans and British Colombian. The Pipeline construction jobs project is expected to become one of the largest oil companies in North America for more than 55 years - and many communities in which they are very satisfied with the prospects it brings. "This is obviously good news for Kitimat, Terrace, and in the region," said Kitimat Mayor Richard Wozney, when Enbridge announced that it will terminate the pipeline in Kitimat. "I think it would be a fantastic addition to our community."

He is not only Western Canada, which - or - the benefit of the Enbridge pipeline construction. Wisconsin, Minnesota, USA and other countries also enjoy greater employment and other economic spin-me, with the construction of the pipeline. Besides construction jobs and indirect jobs created Enbridge's Alberta Clipper pipeline - from Hardisty, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin - It is expected that the additional economic benefit of more than 1.5 billion dollars in purchases and services.

Pipeline construction jobs is a big commitment that people across the continent with many types of skills. "Pipeline construction began in the same way as a rail," said Michele Perret, Manager, Community Relations, Enbridge major projects for the management of municipalities, chambers of commerce and other stakeholders to ensure that they know what to expect and May, the business opportunities for that they exist.

"At first Geodetic preparation for access to rights of way to identify and electric lines. This is why the crew arrive in a clear way to remove the rights of topsoil and clear, and to ensure that the area is properly classified., A second team, leadership on the ground and bend to the topography and planned roads - a process that the thread formation. Then welders and pipe-layers to weld the pieces together. then use a large ditch, a pipe is buried. Finally, restoration and cleaning crew to replace the and return to the topsoil in the area of its former condition. "reconstruction phase, in fact, May continue long after the pipe.

"People who travel to the site need food and shelter," Perret added. "And they need to make significant direct and indirect benefits for the local economy."

In addition, before and after construction, Enbridge is committed to strong and continuous connection to the communities that host our pipelines and facilities. "Enbridge has a comprehensive strategy of involvement of local communities in the vicinity of our Pipeline construction jobs," said Perret. "We see all our neighbors, as major players, and we have other CSR efforts on them. We want to ensure that we will have a positive impact on quality of life in all the communities we touch."

When the Pipeline construction jobs, Enbridge will continue to contribute to the economy through the taxes you pay. In 2007 alone, Enbridge will pay 236 million dollars in taxes and 123 million dollars in real estate taxes at the local, national, regional and national governments in Canada and the United States


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