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Despite recent developments in the energy market such as biofuels and ethanol, petroleum is still by far the biggest player in the energy market. Due to rising oil demand, from countries such as India and China, crude oil industry jobs are on the rise. Now may be a good time for you to look for oil and gas jobs.

There are many different crude oil industry jobs available. These cover the various sectors of the petroleum industry such as entry-level jobs, drilling, management, administration, medical, marketing and the like. The oil industry is normally divided into three general sections: Upstream, midstream and downstream.

Upstream Section: Includes exploration, drilling and extraction of crude oil from reservoirs. Typical jobs in this section are geophysicist, drilling engineer and production engineer.

Midstream Section: Includes transportation of crude oil via tankers and pipelines from the oil fields to the refineries and the refining of crude oil. Typical jobs on pipelines can be oil pipeliner, pipeline walker and pipeline welder. Refinery jobs may include chemical engineer, process engineer and pump system operator.

Downstream Section: Includes the marketing and sales of petroleum products to the public.

You can probably find a job on land or on an oil rig. Offshore oil rigs are structures used to house the various drilling equipment and facilities for the rigworkers. These facilities include sleeping quarters, dining room and offices.

The recruitment process for crude oil industry jobs is normally more hands on than traditional job interviews. Applicants may be given tasks to solve under the supervision of a supervisor. This helps the supervisor to get a better picture of the knowledge, behavior and motivation of each applicant.

If you are new to the petroleum industry, you would do well to increase your knowledge about it. You can find information about the different sections and operations of the petroleum industry by doing research at a library or on the world wide web. This might also enlighten you about all the different crude oil industry jobs in the world.

Crude oil industry jobs are normally physical demanding and may require you to travel to remote parts of the world. There you will need to work for months at a time. However, it can also be an adventurous and rewarding career.

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There are thousands of job vacancies in the oil industry! Do you know where to start? How to get a job on an offshore oil rig


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Very true, in any industry so engrained into our culture, while people may talk about phasing it out and that we don't have long left, there's no fast way to do it and oil is far from a spent resource.

Also, now much oil that previously wasn't viable for use is becoming viable as technology advances.

And hands on is right, while I was at uni studying chemical engineering, I learned more actual stuff getting out onto a plant in Egypt than I did from textbooks.

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At March 21, 2014 at 5:38 PM Jack White said...

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At August 3, 2017 at 1:18 AM Addison f said...

Interesting!!! I think this blog post is a blessing for those who is going to desperate. No doubt there is a huge amount of sources of oil in India and China so its going to be much better opportunities for India and Chinese people avail this for their future. Every one has to try for their deserving pipeline construction jobs wishing you best of luck!


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